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Meet the Hosts

Amanda Ivy and Andrew Clark (owner):

[Picture of Amanda]

Amanda grew up in Michigan and relocated to Madison, WI in 2010 after receiving a job offer. She has always enjoyed planning gatherings and hosting friends and family. Whether it's playing board games, having deep discussions, going on long hikes, or taking a road trip in the camper van Andrew and Amanda built, she is always looking for fun and new experiences.

Andrew was born and raised around the Baraboo area, near where both parents and all four grandparents were themselves born and raised. His programming hobby eventually landed him a job as a computer repair technician, where he worked for three years before starting his own business that he still runs today. With ten years experience as a business owner before co-founding Amalgam Community, he provides Amanda with the experience to help make her dreams a reality.

Mr. Meseeks and Toby (co-owner):

[Picture of Mr. Meseeks]
[Picture of Toby]

Meet Mr. Meeseeks and Toby. They're always happy to greet you, often at the front door! Love to sit in laps and receive pats. Favorite activities include laser chase, sun bathing in odd locations, and trying to sneak up on Amanda.